WElcome to Spicebush Montessori School

A tailored, accessible Montessori education for each child.

Individualized learning plans that support your child's natural curiosity

About Spicebush Montessori School

Looking for a Montessori education that is tailored specifically for your child? Look no further than Spicebush Montessori School. We focus on providing each child with an individualized learning plan that supports their unique needs and fosters their natural curiosity for the world around them. 

Our mixed age environment allows children to learn from one another and develop strong social skills, while our tiered tuition program makes our school more accessible to more families. Come explore what Spicebush Montessori School has to offer your child!

“We cannot thank Tricia and the Speakout Kids team enough for their dedication in helping my daughter become more verbal and communicative.״

Marion P.